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Our Company has actually effectively accepted a variety of contrasting components; heritage and development, status and efficiency, sport and glamour. Today, we're one of the world's biggest high-end watch brand names, constantly pressing the limits of watch making innovation with the imagination of our personnel, the series of their competence and depth of their experience.

Swiss-- Synonymous with remarkable quality, eminence and efficiency, Swiss Made is more than a label at Our Company; it's a frame of mind. In our consistent look for dependability, quality and accuracy, we never ever jeopardize on quality. For each of our more than 90 expert activities we contact specialists not just from the world of watch making however likewise experts from other modern markets. We cultivate distinction and variety within the business while producing typical requirements for our groups through internal quality training and individual advancement programs.
Avant-Garde-- upgrading a collection of famous designs to fit existing tastes, producing brand-new watches, dealing with ingenious ideas that incorporate innovative innovation; all these activities belong to brand-new item advancement at Our Company. Our concept motivation originates from the world of sport and it's our participation in sport that offers us strength and separates us.

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